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“Any writer or journalist who wants to retain his integrity finds himself thwarted by the general drift of society rather than by active persecution. The sort of things that are working against him are the concentration of the Press in the hands of a few rich men, the grip of monopoly on radio and the films, the unwillingness of the public to spend money on books, making it necessary for nearly every writer to earn part of his living by hackwork…which help the writer to keep alive but also waste his time and dictate his opinions, and the continuous war atmosphere of the past ten years, whose distorting effects no one has been able to escape.”

—    George Orwell, “The Prevention of Literature” (1945)


I’m happy to report that my poem, “As Above, So Below” has been published in the Fall, 2013 issue of Goblin Fruit. Seeing myself published with the likes of Sonja Taafe, Beth Langford, Leah Bobet and Megan Arkenberg is a huge honor, and I’m grateful to editor Amal El-Mohtar  for the opportunity.

Goblin Fruit: Fall 2013

Includes my poem, “As Above, So Below”

“Young writers should read books past bedtime and write things down in notebooks when they are supposed to be doing something else.”

—   Lemony Snicket (via a-thousand-words)

(Source: lemonysnicketblog, via kadrey)

20 Historic Black and White Photos Colorized

“Good novels are not written by orthodoxy-sniffers, nor by people who are conscience-stricken about their own unorthodoxy. Good novels are written by people who are not frightened.”

—   George Orwell, “Inside the Whale”

“I think every writer stands in the doorway of their prison. Half in, half out. The very act of storytelling is a return to the prison of what torments us and keeps us captive, and writers are repeat offenders.”

—   Sherman Alexie

The Eyes of the Executioner

We are only atoms trailing the carved skull wrapped inside a sunbeam.
-Sherwin Bitsui
I hate being a grownup.  HATE IT.  HATE. I am in a terrible mood today. Terrible. I’m sick with whatever the baby has for one thing, so I’m achy all over; my mouth still hurts from that ill-conceived bullshit wisdom teeth extraction last Monday, and my kids are driving me nuts. Even with the scaled-down school week, I’m having a hard time not digging three small holes in the backyard. Nobody wants to work. Constant complaining, constant bickering. SICK OF IT. Need to write, need to create. A poem, a story. Anything. Need to cut the grass. Sigh. Everyone wants to be noticed. Everyone wants to matter. Everyone wants to believe that what they have to say is important. Hence, the proliferation of blogs, mine no exception. However, no one wants to read anymore. No one wants to consider, to connect, to give attention to others. In our modern world, we are so used to the steady diet of marketing-speak - the infinite ticker of flashing, blinking, meaningless messages - that no one wants to pay attention to anything of substance. We literally communicate through sound bites these days; through bumper sticker slogans and catch phrases and snarky comments. Jesus, that is so fucking depressing. Monday, in order to stop the pain, the dentist packed the gaping holes in the back of my mouth with 1 1/2”-long pieces of gauze soaked in clove oil. Soaked in clove oil. SOAKED IN CLOVE OIL. Though it’s marginally better now, for the longest time my mouth would suddenly be flooded with this overwhelming taste of cloves. It’s sickening. I’ve been sucking on peppermints and Tic Tacs for counter-effect (to some success), but at night it’s still really bad. It’s been giving me bad dreams.

An Upcoming Publication

Dreams and Nightmares will be publishing my poem “in the night tower” in their September issue. 

This makes me very, very happy.

A poem I wrote today

annus mirabilis

strategic defense initiatives
charlie foxtrot
assertive disarmament
information operations
corporate realignment and associated
reduction in force
pre-hostility psychological deterrent
executive action with associated
reliability enhancement
spontaneous energetic disassembly
cost certainty
aggressive enforcement
surgical strike

03 September 2013